Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Three Common Mistakes To Avoid In Acrylic Painting

It’s common to make mistakes when you’re just starting out, especially in acrylic painting. But knowing those common mistakes ahead will help you avoid making them in the first place. Below are some of the most common mistakes beginners make you can learn from.

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Using thick paint too quickly

Start with thin paint. Avoid putting down paint too thickly or too quickly, it’ll be hard to control even by an experienced artist. Artist that create thick paintings don’t start painting in thick paint, they start in thin layers of paint. Paint it in successive layer until the surface is as thick as you want.

Using too much white

This practice will lead to lifeless pasty color mixtures. Of course, white is essential to mix quite a few variety of colors, however, use it only as needed. Beginners tend to reach for the white color first when they want a lighter color. It should be the last thing you use because white color lessens the intensity of the color.

Using the wrong brush size

Using too small of a brush, that is. Beginners do this because they feel less intimidated when they use a smaller brush. This creates a couple of problems for you: first, you take more time to finish your project; second, you miss larger relationships. Start with the larger brushes and start with the correct shadow forms. And when you go down to the details, that’s when you use the medium and small brushes.

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Best Resorts To Snowboard In Summer

Some of us, including me, just can’t get enough snowboarding in the five or so months of winter. If only there’s unlimited winter so we can run the slopes anytime we want. Good thing we have two hemispheres, so there’s practically unlimited winter. If you have the desire and the money to get there (because some of them are really, really high up there) then here are the best ski and snowboarding resorts you can try this summer.

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1. Mt Hood, Oregon

This one’s actually closer, if you live in America. There are a number of places to visit in Mt. Hood, but one notable location is Windells – a Snowboard, Skateboard, Ski, and winter camp rolled into one. You can snowboard here during the winter, spring, and summer. It has enough snow for your needs, having a 12000 square-foot indoor recreation and training center.

Glacier Snowboard Camps, Canada

Located in Whistler, BC Canada, Glacier Snowboard Camps is perfect for anyone wanting to have a great time while improving their snowboarding skills. This place is special because unlike other snowboard camp owners, the owners are up on the glacier every day to make sure the terrain is in its best possible condition.

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Zermatt has the largest summer snowboarding camp in Switzerland, high up on the Klein Matterhorn. It opens from June until September.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Famous Artists Who Used Acrylic Paint

Compared to other paint media, such as oil or watercolor, acrylic paint still has not made that much of a mark in history because it was introduced as a visual arts tool in the late 1940s.

Introduced in the market first as house paint, contemporary artists began to discover how versatile acrylic was as a medium for their artistic endeavors. It offered a wide range of possibilities, having the soft effects of watercolor with the sharpness of layered oil. Its versatility in mixed media works also led to innovation and experimentation.

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The following are just some of the well-known artists who used acrylic paint as medium:

Andy Warhol

Celebrated pop artist was famous for his use of everyday items to create masterpieces, such as “Campbell’s Soup Cans” and “Coca Cola.” The use of acrylic enabled him to achieve his famous styles.

Robert Motherwell

The abstract painter initially used oils as medium, but eventually shifted to acrylic because of its drying time, vibrancy, and visual appeal.

Roy Lichtenstein

The American pop artist was known for his paintings that had been inspired by cartoons and comic books. Thanks to acrylic, he was able to paint bright and graphic images, most of which parodied pop culture.

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